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AI in the Future

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Life in 2067

November 27, 2023

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For a long time tech has been used to assist human beings. Here is a demo of my Titanium fist. The holo display is used to control tech implants through the biochip. Strongly recommend using a secure password!

It started with artificial legs 2-300 years ago. In 1958 Arne Larsson from Sweden was implanted with the first pacemaker in history which prolonged his life 43 years.

Glasses and walking sticks have been known for hundreds of years.

At the beginning of 2000 pacemakers were able to connect to the Internet. The doctors could monitor your heart just by logging into a computer from another city.

Tech can be used positively or negatively. Only the ethics of the individual decides which route it takes. Good or bad.

Cell phones became everybody’s property during the late 1900. They worked as a predecessor for the biochip and connected you to things all over the world. And big corpos spied on you through the device without you knowing it. They listened to everything you said and they copied your data and personal stuff and got rich by structuring and selling it. They still do!


“Give us your freedom and we will give you security in return.”

False flag operations have routinely been used by governments to implement whatever they wanted to accomplish.

One of the biggest False Flag events that ever happened was the great Corona lie around 2020.

95% of the entire world population fell for the scam that opened for the complete take over of governments. After this ‘event’ they knew we wouldn’t resist. And many couldn’t resist because they were emotionally, mentally or physically handicapped by vaccines. They actually succeeded in using vaccines and propaganda to control us. We lost our countries and we lost our freedom. And no one seemed to notice. Except for a handful of people who were ridiculed and marginalized. The government was stolen by a few huge Corpos.

It was the same old lie. Give us your freedom and we will give you security in return.

The Great Reset was not a single event that happened and changed everything. The Great Reset was an agenda that unfolded over many years. In late 1900, they called it New World Order.

Today we have what used to be called One World Government. And you shouldn’t wait in awe for that to be instated!

One World Government means NO opposition! And you can’t imagine how dangerous a world with no room for thinking outside the narrative is. People who don’t agree with the public narrative – which is what it is, simply a narrative – a lie serving a few powerful people, are in permanent danger. They get ridiculed, lose their work and eventually they get unplugged and die.

Today’s government is not a real government. It has been taken over by big corpos. The people behind the 20 largest hedge funds in the world took over the governments in the US, the UK, Canada, and the EU. Behind the scenes. Invisibly.

The narrative is simply a lie. Just a plain old lie to maintain a comfortable and exclusive lifestyle for the elite. On our expense of course.

We don’t pay taxes because we don’t get paid for working. We work for the government – or as most people call it: The Mega Corp!

The arms and legs of MegaCorp are:

Big Pharma. Their job is to pump pacification medics into society and your body. They control the physical part of our bodies and they are also manufacturing all the fancy tech that works as implants in your bodies.

The Press. During 2000-2030 the world’s 6 largest media companies were all controlled by people who were nothing but Corporate stooges. Today there is only one company. MegaCorp. They control your mind and you don’t even know it.

Police and the military are no longer public. It was a collaboration between the world’s biggest private military contractors who always propagandized perpetuated wars. For profit of course. Today they control society and they control the masses. They have surveillance everywhere and can watch your every move.

In 2020 World Economic Forum published an article with this headline:

“Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better”. The article was removed because smart people looked through the propaganda, but they forgot to remove an internal link that could be seen for years:

And it is true. We are now at 2067 and we own nothing. Except for our clothing. MegaCorp owns everything. Well except for the rich. They ARE the government. They own us! It is what people a hundred years ago called socialism. Everybody is equal. Except for the elite! They are more equal than the rest of us. It is not socialism. We live in a fascist world. And money rules.

Now, implementation of big changes works very well in small steps so slowly they implemented digestible changes which in the long run amounted to a very big change: The Big Reset.

It is not possible to eat an elephant – right?

Actually, it is! If you take one bite at a time you will eventually be able to eat the elephant. That’s how their propaganda works.

At some point in early 2000, Elon Musk entered the scene. He created electric cars and spaceships but most important – he invented the biochip!

The biochip is an electronic device that acts as an interface between the nervous system and an external computer.

It is an interface that can be used to control external electronic devices. It can connect to the collective net. Earlier it was called the Internet. Now it is named One Mind. In the beginning, it was used to connect to your car, your house, your bank account, security systems, and every electronic device you could imagine. But now you also link up to government databases for control.

The interface is bi-directional. External devices can control your brain, your body, and even your feelings. You can get illegal programs written by hackers you can upload to your biochip instead of using drugs. Harmless and fun. But illegal of course.

If you aren’t careful with the software you upload to your biochip, you can expose yourself to viruses or hackers!

And many people are already hacked. Mostly by information and propaganda. By law, you are required to be connected to government computers at all times so they can do scans of your body and your mind regularly. They scan for diseases – which is fine, but we are also scanned for improper political views. They can scan everything in your brain, everything you heard, saw, and felt your entire life they can visualize and verbalize on a gigantic quantum computer. They can see everything you have ever seen. Hear everything you ever heard. Read your memory for ‘unhealthy’ views.

For 70 years this has mostly been a propaganda war. A war that would have made propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels full body orgasm for days!

Rogue AI’s have taken over everywhere. MegaCorp spies on you non stop and they have a digital copy of you and your mind on their servers where you rank in a computer world. They know everything about you. EVERYTHING! What you like and dislike. Your political views. Your economy. Your exact location at any given time. Your heartbeat.

We still are a few people living partly off the grid. But if you have been to the hospital and they did a braindance on you, they have a complete updated copy of your life on their servers.

Implants that work through the biochip are:


  • Sensors in your hand that communicate with other electronic devices. It could be your gun telling you how many bullets you have left and helping you with aim control. The image shows a titanium fist which is great for fighting. It has sensors that work with your scanner and in this case the gun. The scanner aims for you and it can pull the trigger for you or control your hand and trigger finger for optimum precision.
  • A scanner in your forehead that scans the environment for heat signals or other electronic equipment. You can scan other persons and check their emotional status to decide if they are friends or foes. You can scan equipment and find malfunctions fast. Or if you are a good hacker you can connect to the police database and get info about the person you are scanning. This scanner is pretty expensive on the black market and only a few can afford it at the moment.
  • You can get supersonic ear implants that help you listen through walls or perceive sounds at greater distances.
  • You can get muscle boosters in your arms and legs that speed up running considerably or if you throw a haymaker you can get a considerable amount of extra power.
  • BX or Brain Extenders. You can extend your brain with extra CPU power and memory. This is a MEMO TTX HDR250. You can have 50 copies of your entire brains information on this implant and it has the latest SPARC Quantum Processor onboard.
  • Limbs. If you lose a leg or an arm you can get a super-reinforced and illegal replacement on the black market that connects to your nervous system and your biochip and in a few days, you’ll learn to control it as if it was a normal limb. You can also get them legally, but you will need to commit time to BigCorp for years ahead.
  • EDC or External Device Control. You can connect to vehicles and control them directly from your mind. Most vehicles are automatic but there are still a lot of things they can’t do by themselves. You have to tell them where to go and which route to take.
  • You can get health implants that monitor your body for illness and malfunction. These implants can run years on a small atomic generator and some of the older devices still use the fluids in your body to emulate an old-fashioned alkaline battery!
  • Library functions. You can fast implement knowledge in your brain. Learn new languages or get other mental skills in a split second. If you for example are looking at the stars and want to know their names or other information about them you can download a library, focus on any star and get any information on that particular star or any other star or planet for that matter.
  • Communication. Works via the biochip wireless connected to The Universe. The Universe is the name of BigCorp’s gigantic cluster of quantum computers which are vital for almost everything. Communication works much like telepathy. You ‘call’ a friend. If he is not busy you can communicate by thought. Our communication works via hacks and is encrypted as many of us are banned from The Universe.
  • Transport has taken a quantum leap. The mystery surround gravity has been solved so vehicles are flying around in the air. Computer-controlled by The Universe of course. Accidents can’t happen except for a few single crashes caused by engine malfunction once in a while. But vehicles don’t collide in mid-air.


Electricity is pulled directly out of the ether. I don’t know exactly how they do it. It’s based on the fact that everything is energy. Atoms, electrons and neutrons etc. are made of contracted energy. This energy can be released through a complicated process and one atom can feed an entire block.

We don’t get paid in money for working. We get paid in time. The price for a house is a certain amount of work time you give Big Corpo. If you want transport you work more. If you want a big house you work more. Clothing and food are also paid in time. Well, I don’t think any system can work without some kind of money – which is why we have a black market economy. Big Corpo knows that but they can’t do much about it. Once in a while, someone gets arrested and if he has some money they are seized.

People, in general, don’t have computers. They ARE computers.

The elite lives far away in secure fortresses surrounded by robot guards and high-end security equipment.

We get old now. 150 years is the average lifespan for human beings. Mostly thanks to implants.

All implants are optional, except for one! The bio-chip! And it is through this interface the government controls every single one of us. The Bio-chip is ‘sold’ to parents with propaganda speech about health. And it is true the bio-chip can monitor any function in your body, discover diseases before they even develop and alert you on anything. BMI, heart function, stress. Most parents want the best for their kids so they get this implant within the first week after birth.

But the chip is also used to control every aspect of our lives. They know exactly where you are at any time. They know your mood, your thoughts, your experiences and of course your health. They know if you are a ‘good’ citizen. Or a bad one – and then it has repercussions.

This is Jade. She has a brain implant. Or Brain Extender. This is the latest model MEMO TTX HDR250. Fast Quantum CPU and doubles your storage capacity. You can think in parallel with this. It will offload your brain and present you with the result of whatever task you give it. Jade can reliably extract data from any brain and is very skilled in analyzing the data (images and audio from your past).

Good citizens get easy jobs. Bad citizens get hard jobs. And there is nothing you can do about it – except being good. And who the fuck wants to be ‘good’ to comply with their agenda? Not me! Have better things to do.

Society works in three layers. The top layer is a small elite. A few hundred people at the most. Some come and some go. The middle layer is the largest. Normal people working for the elite. The lowest level is – as it has always been the homeless, the poor, and the rebels. Outcast. The police and military can execute anyone they find from this group with no repercussions.

Us – the middle and lower classes, live in boxes. Small apartments in huge buildings. 50.000 people in one building are normal. Surveillance is everywhere. Everything is bugged, but you can find the cameras and the mikes and unplug them. Everything is computer-controlled so you just replace them with equipment bought on the black market feeding the system with false information and no one will ever know. But it is a great way to fill their databases with garbage and corrupt their data structures.

We still have restaurants but most people can’t afford them. Food is cheap and lousy. In the slum, we have old fashioned markets where people sell or exchange food, weapons, clothing, used implants. You can get almost anything here.

Clothes haven’t changed much – except if you are in need of bulletproof clothes you can get some in the underground markets. They are made by a mixture of carbon fibre and titanium. Looks like normal clothing but they are bulletproof. You will get knocked over if you get hit by a bullet. There is a lot of energy in a hi-speed bullet that needs to change place when you are hit. But if you get knocked to the ground you can easily stand up and keep on walking.

Money has gone from society. From OUR society. Not the upper-class society.

Living in these megacities is dangerous. Most people don’t think by themselves anymore. They are reckless and careless. Programmed to be nothing but empty non-thinking robots.

You need to be armed when you leave your apartment. People are poor and most of them are willing to take a shot at you to take whatever you got in your pockets.

Government promised security, but it was only for themselves. We now live in and under a Corporatocracy. A money extracting fascistic corpocracy.

Government is a giant corporation. You can’t buy stocks. But you can buy influence. And that’s what they did. And now they own the government.

I wish we stopped this a long time ago. When we had the chance. At this point, it is virtually impossible to fight the system. But our hackers are doing what they can to destroy corporate databases – especially those who run their monetary systems, and we are destroying government transports and vehicles. But they have so much money and can easily replace what we destroy. It seems like a fight in vain.

Why didn’t our ancestors stop this before it got out of hand?

Were they sleeping?

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